About Dr. Zinkal Tilva

Dr. Zinkal Tilva is having an experience of practicing classical homoeopathy for more then 6 years. She obtained B.H.M.S. degree form Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College of Saurashtra University in 2010[CCH 6297]. In the following year, she received P.G.Hom [London] certificate in 2012. Along with clinical practice, she got an opportunity to work intensely on homoeopathy with well-known global Homoeopath and master, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan.

She is a passionate holistic homoeopath, believes in treating every individual with unique designer’s approach.  Her strength lies in understanding and treating verbal as well as nonverbal children from age 0 to above. She loves to explore their inner core with their dreams, fears, imaginations, hobbies, drawing, and many individualistic areas. She believes in guiding them further during and after treatment with any of the activity or a hobby to keep their energy centred and channelised. She has a special interest in treating challenging acute cases in least possible time. Homoeopathy do extend its scope in reversible as well as irreversible pathologies. Treatment here goes beyond, understanding patient and giving medicine, where she guides them for an activity of interest such as music, dancing, walking, drawing, exercise, diet etc. to keep them centred.

While practicing for these years, being in love with homoeopathy, she found her potential and passion to listen and understand every patient to the core. She is very enthusiastic about treating patients with utmost care and vigilance. Being holistic healer her advice goes beyond the treatment, focusing on how to keep the health intact by finding any activity/hobby [close to the core] or walk in nature, yoga and different meditation techniques.

Her cured case articles has been published in few in esteemed online journals like Hpathy apothekeschweizer.de. Read articles from below links.

  1. Screaming, shouting, slapping: a case of Actea spicata
  2. I Need To Manipulate…

She started her teaching career with ABJF webinar series in 2015 for 70 Indian Homoeopath from various states and in 2016 for 85 Indian homoeopaths. She lectured in ABJF workshop in 2016 about classical homoeopathy with case example amongst 120 homoeopath students.

She participated in proving of homoeopathic drug prepared from water of “Mansarovar Lake” conducted by Dr. Atul Patwardhan, Pune.

With a special interest to work for a charity, She joined non for profit ABJF firm in march 2013, running under banner of trustees Drs. Chauhan. Here 3 days workshops are  organised for 130 students and webinars for 80-90 homoeopath student. She also volunteered as a panel doctor to help underprivileged patients with homoeopathy. Read more about ABJF @ http://www.abjftrust.com/