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Illnesses are an outward expressions of inner disturbance, crystallises to a  disease form. Generally body has got a fighting mechanism[ immunity / inner doctor] to fight back to any outside  factors. But when body cannot retain and fight back, it succumbs to illness. This illness would be expressed as a disturbance [ not in harmony] on mental, physical, emotional, and all possible levels. When this illness encounters with rapid and intense onset, it would shake up the healthy being which is known as acute illness, like infection, trauma, fever etc.

Weaker is the immunity, more frequent would be  the acute illnesses. The external factors may vary from bacteria, virus, fungi are very opportunistic to attack on weaker immunity again and again. Rather blocking the external attacking organisms[ which is impossible to avoid], more wiser is to boost up the inner weaker immunity.

In such cases we generally rush to antibiotics, anti viral or painkillers, which may help to ensure fast relief BUT

It may not be a permanent relief[ solution]

It may work for a certain stage and may develop a resistance in body on frequent uses.

It kills the healthy bacteria of gut and may give adverse effect like diarrhoea.

It may bring back the acute episode with more intense symptoms

Where as therapeutic ability of homoeopathic medicine, helps the inner doctor to boost up immunity and fight against current enemy organisms  as well as protect from further coming infection. The treatment ensures to lessen down the frequency and intensity of similar coming acute episodes in further journey.

So which is a wiser choice? To get an external temporary help to fight back enemy or strengthen the inner doctor/immunity to fight such many more episodes and than also in fastest way.

At times when acute illness shakes you up from with in, may give us a clue/window to your constitutional remedy, which we have seen many a time in our practice.

Myth that Homeopathy works slow

Homoeopathic medicine is selected on bases of manifestations of illness on various level, like on physical, mental, emotional, delusional, and on sensational level. It may echo in  one’s subconscious [ in children majorly] and experience it in dreams and fears too.

When the right medicine administered in right amount; it generally ensures the fastest possible recovery in few hours to day one or two. Apart it is considered as most safest medicine in acutes since its non-allergic  and no side effects recorded so far.

You can consider contacting us with acute conditions like, pneumonia, Bronchitis,Typhoid, Malaria, Asthma, Viral flu, Dengue, Whooping Cough, URTI, Allergic Rhinitis, Common cold, Stomatitis, Tonsillitis, epistaxis, piles, fissures, boils, skin diseases, side effects of radiations, chemotherapy,   Menstrual pains, Fall, Trauma, Illnesses caused after fear/fright and many more to name a few.

Here are the observations that you can make to help your doctor understand you better.

Cause: Note the cause you consider, may be responsible for manifesting the  illness like bad incidents, events, loses, deaths, shocks, frights, failures etc

Chief complaint: In terms of location, sensation, modality of time, pain, and associated symptoms caused due ti chief complaint.

Change on generals: Any change on desires, aversion, thirst, appetites, sleep pattern, perspiration, during or around acute illness.

Changes at all level: Including, physical body, mentally, emotionally, subconsciously, in dreams and fears during and around the acute illness.

Fever: Causes, temperature and its distribution in body parts, thermal changes, different stages of fever [Heat,Chill,Sweat], periodicity of fever etc

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