Homoeopathic Interview; A Destination In Itself!

                                       “If I can listen to what he tells me

                                    If I can understand how it seems to him

                       If I can sense the emotional favor it has for him

                             Then I will be releasing potent forces of change within him”

                                                                 (Carl Rogers)

 Listening scientifically is the potential tool a homoeopath manoeuvre in an interview to bring out the inner conscience which he might not be aware of. Here, the intense space is offered to flow unhindered, removing out all the crazy gibberish he has piled up and veiled, which he has never spoken before. However rubbish for patient may be an important clue to deeper lying unfolded realm, when explored and understood and mirrored to patient, it can actually bring awareness about the inner self, very uniquely designed. Awareness brings a change in perspective to look at life and its due circumstances, profession, relationship with different but healthy approach. Such deeper level of healing in one single session is possible in homoeopathic interview, only if patient willingly drops himself defencelessly to set inner journey. But many a times an interview doesn’t reach the depths it is supposed to when a patient doesn’t reveal his enigmas; because of a lacuna in the understanding of why all these personal/professional /uncomfortable questions were been asked to him during an interview which has no connection to the illness he has come for.

  •  Do you also think a homoeopathic interview is all about merely a collection of personal data’s?
  • Or does it go much deeper than any healing therapies prevailing?
  • And does it brings you in touch with the designer’s unique you which is different from others?
  • Does it give a whole essence of who you are in every stage of your life?
  • And does it admit, how there is a connection between you, your illness, your dreams, fears, nightmares?
  • Does it make you realize how there is a correlation between your profession, hobbies and your relationships?
  • Does it release an obscure healing potential, by bringing you in touch with yourself and giving awareness about the true self and disease? 

The best kept secret is just kept inside; the Story goes this way.

When God created the universe and human beings, he made the human mind very intelligent, inquisitive and probing even more than what he had planned for; having a huge capacity to discover truths, to create ideas and connect things. But now God was worried to find a place to hide his master plan from a human mind which reaches everywhere in due course of time.

The angel advised God the best place to keep the secret of the universe inside the man itself, because the mind was always focused on the objects and relentlessly looking outward that it would never look within. God then put all the treasures of the cosmic secrets in the depth of the human consciousness. God along with his paraphernalia slipped in to the deepest layers of human consciousness. And the intelligent and silly human mind kept seeking God and the cosmic secret outside.

 God Has designed every individual with a unique set of energy, which governs him physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and above all holistically with the unique way of thinking, feeling, perceiving, sensing, experiencing, and reacting to internal and external environment. Health is phenomenon of staying connected to this pattern, living in tune with it and reacting accordingly which is the key to, live best, deliver best and maintain a balance between, inner experience and its outer reflection in every areas of life.

 But as we grow, the layers of social, economic, technological, intellectual and educational knowledge veils the unique inner pattern. The closeness and awareness of it seems distant. One get easily influenced by the external factors which causes a stretch of pattern woven inside and expressed on mental , physiological and later on physical front from where sickness enters; which needs a science to understand an alteration in the unique pattern exhibited mentally and physically and bring it back to the original one.

 May be you are searching among the branches for what appear in the roots.-Rumi

 Here comes the scope of the homoeopathic interview, designed in such a way, individualistic to every patient which avails the physician and the patient to understand about the inner unique state vibrating inside and its inappropriate feelings, perception, delusions and reactions, mentally, physiologically, subconsciously, professionally, in areas of interest, hobbies, relationships and finally in illness. Not only physical or mental but Holistic awareness is the ultimate outcome of this interview technique which paves a way towards, peaceful, meaningful, graceful, and highly creative healthy life. Isn’t it a destination in itself?


In order to bring out the unique designed persona here we follow a person centric interview technique; in three steps, according to nature’s law, where a homoeopath gradually takes you to the most deepest part of you, step by step with your consent but yet without hurting your emotions and not touching those areas, you don’t want to admit. Here you go witnessing yourself in three steps:

 1] Passive listening:

“Do you have the patience to wait till mud settles and the water clears? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself? ”- Lao-tzu

Passive listening is a very potential step, where intense free floating space is given, what a Psychologist terms as a free floating attention, where as a physicist calls it a zero gravity field. Here, a homoeopath awaits patiently, letting your natural being to wander in whichever life area from childhood till today, it wants to flow; assorting spontaneously, whatever it considers important; and speaking it out, though however gibberish it might be. It helps to clear the mind’s craziness that has piled up in over decades. Whatever is coming up, in various vicinities of your life’s journey; may it be in the form of illness, thoughts, fears, dreams, childhood, work, relations, etc., with keen eyes, and homoeopath makes a note of it. All collected data might not be making sense as yet, because it is fragmented, not connected, not coordinated but invariably hint towards a part of the beautiful process that is going to foster at the end of the interview. Completely trusting the process, which is going to unfold, he keeps on noting every word of spontaneity he comes across. This may last for 20 mins or more, varying according to the individual.

 2] Guiding towards the centre

 In between the conscious talk, somewhere uniqueness makes its appearance knowingly or unknowingly; in his deeply rooted feelings, fears, dreams, delusions, perceptions, and the reactions to the world around him. The phenomenon that repeats, in many areas exhibit a common thread running through and through since childhood till date even in illness and that becomes an entry point to the deep seated altered pattern. The homoeopath picks that realm and keeps exploring till all unconnected fragmented things gets aligned into a single whole.

 3] Guiding towards the designer’s self

 Tapping on the entry point creates a ripple to all areas and initiate alignment. The unconnected elements spoken earlier may be abstract dreams, fears, anxieties, impacted situations and reactions to it, might have sounded weird to narrate, adjoins into a beautiful process unveiling the unique pattern of childhood, adulthood and now which identifies “Unique Designer’s You”.

The pattern which comes up, resonate with a similar pattern from the whole universal phenomenon. It may be from the animal, plant or mineral kingdom. This is what a homoeopath is looking for; the best match with a unique remedy from the homoeopathic pharmacopoeia, which has the pattern resembling the complete pattern which emerges during homoeopathic interview. In a way, it is bringing out the unique designer’s pattern and hence designer’s remedy according to that unique original personality.

3] Guiding towards awareness:

The main role of a homoeopath ends with bringing out the designer’s remedy exactly matching the patient’s unique center; but the actual benefit of exploring the inner secrets and rendering it to the patient till he gets aware about self, is a surplus gift that homoeopath provides with scientific interview technique to restore the whole alteration; where begins the return route towards the uniqueness within.

Post the case witnessing process, for the first time homoeopath understands in totality that every scattered component so far spoken, were bits of the necklace; beautifully connected; exhibiting common trait of feeling/perception/delusion/ reaction with a thread running through and through.

The whole unique totality of the patient is mirrored to him, keeping him there to witness; till awareness about the unique pattern takes birth with a whole new understanding of himself and he is then guided towards how and what way the alteration has occurred in the unique gift and how to balance both which is the mantra to healthy healing.

You are a mirror reflecting a noble face,

This universe is not outside you,

Look inside yourself;

Everything that you want,

You are already that.-Rumi


The Homoeopath mirrors your uniqueness, which has remained constant beyond any time, age and circumstances, from childhood till today, exactly the way you feel, perceive, sense and react in dreams, delusions, fears and various life areas. Earlier you might have appreciated, some of the traits of your inner being in bits and pieces, but for the first time, coming across it with complete totality.

The Homoeopath explains all your feelings, perceptions, sensations, reactions and even dreams and fears were altered, and may be exactly opposite, to show you your mirror image which is vibrating within. Remaining unaware so far, whole life went in taking actions, in order to come out of it or keeping up to it or going exactly opposite of it like in the areas of study, job, hobbies, interests, relations etc. rather than accepting and understanding the own state.

The Homoeopath also throws light on how the “stretch” is experienced constantly in reacting out of proportion by an altered self. This stretch when cannot be compensated by its healing mechanism, it is expressed at the mental, functional, physiological and physical level, which crystallises into a particular illness.


Visualising the vibrating inner pattern and its external percussions reflects more clarity in terms of actions, reactions, hobbies, interest etc. Intense envisioning targets the mind to resonate and unseal the channels of never touched areas. It may surface many elapsed areas like childhood dreams fears and deeply impacted incidences where probably same kind of feeling /perception/reaction, would be there


How deep is the awareness accomplished?

These pointers to realise the deepness of understanding about his inner state;

How is he feeling after speaking to us all together for the first time?

What difference has this interview made to him?

What shift has this new understanding brought in his life?

After understanding the inner pattern and its connections; how is he viewing at present reactions in stress, hobbies, profession, relationships, abuses, and deeply impacted incidences?

Acknowledging Both Sides:

Altered state and its altered reactions are equal and opposite of the inner designer’s self. Both remains equal in intensity until one is not acknowledged. Till the original pattern is not recognized, understood and accepted; one keep on reacting very inappropriately to the situations coming across. Better way is to Acknowledge both, respect, stay with it and accept it; will bring upon the balance between both. Gateway to highest heath is keeping balance and respecting both sides of you

Understanding the reactions in all areas:

Understanding one’s own state may help and concede not to react inappropriately, may be in relationships, jobs or areas of interest. All reactions would be more healthy and balanced after accepting the self-mirrored state.

The situations and incidences we come across are attracted by our own possessed state that we are living with and not an influence of surroundings that are accountable for it. In family, every individual is carrying a unique state of own, which if understood and viewed by his own glasses, would end up in fewer frictions and more harmony ever.

Releasing the knots

There are always incidents in each person’s life which are difficult to forget. They remain with us, forever deeply driven in our souls. Wounds which have lingered unhealed ties knot very difficult to release it. We help him in the first or subsequent interview to view those incidents in totality along with the new understanding of the state. Envisioning and staying with it incites untying. But many impacts are difficult to release at one go and they can be released by the doctor’s guided technique of internal witnessing.

The patient has reached self – awareness at the end of the interview. But can we ensure that he remains in this ‘aware state’ after he leaves our consultation room? Can we help him to remain in touch with his pattern ensuring lasting healing?

“I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”

– Mother Teresa

Since we have already produced ‘a ripple’ touching his core, why not persist with it till there is lasting change with these pointers?

 Spend one hour with themselves on the day of their consultation and note down anything new which comes up apart from what they have already spoken. Introspecting might percuss the other unspoken areas on surface

To note their dreams; would add the hints to their state and help to confirm our understanding.

Every 15 days do some activity which you like – whether going for a walk, going for a swim, or gardening… And when they are completely focused in that activity, do an exercise of bringing up an individualistic patter in front of eyes and let the answers/ awareness arrives spontaneously.

The patient may experience more appropriateness in the way he thinks/feels/perceives/ senses and reacts and also on the physical level in his sleep/ appetite/ cravings/aversions/perspiration pattern etc. He can perceive the true depth and intensity of his problems and thus spontaneous solutions are bound to come from it.

Also, now he can see the situations which bothered him previously or the ‘knots’ in his sub-conscious mind as a third observer without getting too deeply affected by them.


Some advices are given to be in tune with the unique inner pattern for longer.

Maintain a Diary – Keeping a diary helps to pen down his deepest thoughts which he would normally not share with anyone serving as a catharsis as well as assists us to perceive the changes in him mentally/ physically/ emotionally/ dreams/feelings/thoughts/delusions/perceptions and prescribe as is needed.

In subsequent interviews: Not from any prevailing therapies but a unique tailor made guidance is provided, which is designed exactly according to your inner centre in measures of diet, exercise, lifestyle, job, relationship, etc. to keep you in touch with your unique designer’s self forever.


The Homoeopathic interview is a scientific, human centric approach, designed according to your individuality. It is a step by step process going deeper from the external attire to the inner designer’s make up, just in one session.

It identifies and explores unique designer’s pattern running through and through, till it connects to a complete process resembling any remedy from the universe.

Mirroring and envisioning the complete pattern emerged, knocks the doors of the deeper unspoken areas and ripples to different areas.

It throws light on how you were so far seeing/ living/reacting a life through diseased altered glasses, but if those glasses and its reflections/reactions are understood, it can bring the balance and harmony between both the states, which is the key a mantra of healthy life.

The interview concludes with tailor made advises exactly according to the inner designers self to be in touch with for longer, may it could be yoga, swimming, walking, dancing, and painting and diary making.


If you could be the real master of yourself

For even a single moment

The knowledge of all the prophets would be

Revealed to you

That beauty of absence

The one the whole world is chasing after

Would appear as a perfect reflection

On the mirror of your mind

– Rumi