Online case guidance by an expert [For Homoeopaths]

In your homeopathic practice;

Did you feel stuck in any case, where you don’t get clues to move further?

Did you ever feel that, why the best possible selected remedy is nor working?

Did you feel that, after giving similimum, why it worked for a due period and then stopped working at all?

Did you feel the case is not moving further even after applying best tool to go deeper?

Did it ever frustrate when patient talks only about disease and not giving his individualistic indications to prescribe?

And many more such challenges i have faced in my initial practice and we all, as a homoeopath must be facing in some or other way. To rescue from this challenge, here we have designed a programme, where you can discuss your case, get it solved, and learn various case taking techniques to reach closest possible simillimum.

With this programme, you will learn about:

  • Detail Case Taking Process: How to reach to CORE/CENTRE/PQRS at whole level with simple and scientific Case Witnessing Process[ CWP], a step by step journey of PASSIVE CWP to sort PQRS symptoms, ACTIVE CWP to find commonality from all PQRS in many areas and final ACTIVE ACTIVE CWP step to zoom in/explore/unfold whole process of source may be from plant/animal/mineral kingdom.
  • Advises after case taking:
    1. Confirming the centre.
    2. Mirroring the centre to patient.
    3. Bringing awareness about his centre and his all reactions to it.
    4. Keeping in touch with that awareness for longer by advising any activity/hobby may be a walk, jog, sport, music, painting.
  • Remedy prescription with potency and repetition with scientific reasoning. Repertorisation with mac repertory if required.
  • Follow up criteria and remedy repetitions in follow ups.