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Arrange  consultation from your home/office with an experienced , professional homoeopathic doctor by email, live chat or video consultation and homoeopathic medicines sent direct to your home.

The word “innate” in·nate (ĭ-nāt’, ĭn’āt’) derived from Late Latin ” innatus” which means inborn, inherited, existing from time of birth, a possessions acquired before or at time of birth.

Here we offer  a kind of treatment ,which removes illness as well as brings balance on entire wellbeing, bringing one close to his INNATE inborn nature. In order to bring this balance, we need to understand the person as a whole, which includes his thoughts, feelings, perceptions, experience to his inner and outer world. To get this inner core, we divide the case taking in 3 basic steps.

Step 1 involves giving a free floating space to patient to let him unwind his story from whatever area he chooses to unwind with. He may encounter his illness, troubles, challenges, his dreams, desires or any other area which may dig him close to his hidden self.

Step 2 is active case taking, which involves sorting something that is  repeated in many area in one or other form.[ for ex, a lady comes to me with fever, which she is getting since childhood till now with every incidence of nightmare or encountering scary illusions.]

Last step 3 is active active case taking, to zoom in to the focus we get until whole process unwinds.

Every individual who comes to me, for first consultation is being understood under these three basic steps with the help of unique questionnaire according to their individuality. 


Online consultation to serve you though skype [ video Consulation], by email, or telephone.

This service benefits: 

  • To have an access of experienced homoeopath at your desk, from your convenience.
  • To those, cannot meet personally
  • To those, having time and space bar.
  • To those, cannot travel, leaving home for their treatment.
  • To those, having acute emergencies, needing urgent help.

Your initial query will be responded in mail as quickly as possible with our Skype name, appointment date, time, { which you can alter as per your convenience and revert}.

Your first consultation would take longer  around 90 min, to understand you in detail. Treatment will be dispatched in 2 working days of consultation and after receiving your payment.

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