Connect Yourself Through Nature!!!

From Wonder into Wonder Existence Opens. – LAO TZU

Growing up near the national park of Mumbai, I had a golden opportunity to explore the breadth of the natural landscape with the vast ecology of plants and various animals intact.

Each of my excursions into this magnificent forest increased my appreciation of its wondrous sights and sounds—rushing streams, rocks and boulders, distant waterfalls with hidden caves behind it, and a pair of white pigeons sitting in the same tree for years. I used to walk for hours on the different beaches there, each with its own breezy beauty and distant sound of waves. Even star-gazing in that area was an amazing experience.

It was as if a non judgmental energy of nature became my companion; like a mirror that allowed me to see, feel, interact, know, and connect with myself. Every attempt to explore any natural place then became, by default, a venue to explore myself. It continued to be a wonderful experience, full of calmness and enrichment that I remembered for days afterward. I would say, the more I wander with nature, the more nature grants me a glimpse into my own existence.

It’s possible for all of us to experience the abundant power of nature to rejuvenate. But when we come back to our day-to-day world, the feeling of empowerment gradually vanishes. So, I wondered, how can I move beyond merely connecting with nature to actually healing myself with nature?

In earlier days, I used to just walk in the forest, on beaches or along riverbanks as part of my favorite routine exercise. Over a period of time, I would take time to pause and admire the place I liked the most during my walk. While focusing on this marvelous favorite spot, astonishingly it produced some vague sensation within my body. If I focused intensely on the sensation, the moment came when that sensation gradually started to release leaving a complete sense of awareness of my body and my “self.” It was a much deeper experience of relaxation and awareness than I had felt before.

“What if my every venture with nature is directed, so that each next experience brings about some new healing awareness?” This was the question rolling in my mind when I came across the universal law of three which states: “Every phenomenon in the universe requires three steps to be in its effortless state.”

Focus intenstly on the part of that phenomenon to which your being was naturally attracted Consciously observe every component of that phenomenon with all possible attention. When your mind focuses on something it’s attracted to; the body begins to experience that phenomenon internally [As mind is occupied in focusing].

Gradually, your body begins to experience what the mind is focusing on. Now, shift your focus from an external to an internal phenomenon – a sensation that your body is experiencing. Watch this holistic phenomenon, what the mind found attractive and what the body experienced. Sense it. See the feeling it gave you. Observe any image that may have emerged. Watch it completely till it settles and observe how it goes.

At this point, that phenomenon releases and leaves behind an immensely powerful space of mind, body and nature’s synchronicity that is beyond conscious control, where the universe is helping you be aware of emerging answers that are more profound and individualistic..

In the past, walking in nature would rejuvenate me, but the impact was temporary and limited to the conscious level of thinking. When I followed the steps for focusing, I noticed that connecting with my being took less time while in natural surroundings and the impact of that atmosphere, created a space where mind connected with the power of nature enabling it to emerge with messages that are essential for my being.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more”. –JOHN BURROUGHS
Get in touch with your inner being at following sites:

– Walking in the forest
– Gazing at stars
– Walking with a river and rocks
– Walking on the beach
– Gazing at moonlight

Following a set of structured steps to get in touch with your essential being may seem contrary to matching the splendor of a spontaneous moment, but it can provide a framework to get you started.

If you love to walk in a forest:

Simply viewing the splendor and beauty of a magnificent forest from a distance can inspire you, but being in that forest can connect to vast new sources of power. Select a path to walk. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a forest, on a track, on a mountain, along a river or a trail, whatever is appealing you. The important is that you pause briefly during your walk to gratify your senses with the beauty of nature; its sights, sounds, scents, and the unspoken messages that emerge.


Once you get in touch with any particular part of the forest that draws your attention, for whatever reason it naturally appeals to you, just pause there. Find a comfortable position where you can see that part as completely as possible. Concentrate on every minute detail, whether it’s the color of the trees, leaves, flowers and their fragrances, mud, setting sun, singing birds or something else that engages you. Gradually let your mind focus on any one part of that whole scene to which your being gets intensely attracted. Give full attention to it till something happens in your body.


When your mind concentrates on what has appealed to it the most, the body responds by experiencing the external phenomenon in sensations, vibrations or internal movements. As the mind is occupied by focusing on something, the mind can’t respond, so body does. Give your complete attention to what your body is experiencing inside, in its individualistic way. Let it be as clear as possible to you. Once it’s experienced, see what feeling it gives, what you feel like doing at that moment with that experience? If any image comes make note of it and be with it until it completely settles. Then, see how you feel.


The last step is when this natural phenomenon settles leaving behind an immense potential space where the mind and body are synchronized with the power of nature. This space is beyond conscious thoughts and day-to-day worries. Being with this space let messages emerge that are purely individualistic and profound. The whole universe of potential is there and ready to help you, leading you toward your journey of healing awareness.

If you love star gazing:

When I looked at stars as a child, a single star usually grabbed my attention. It wasn’t the brightest star, but I somehow felt some attachment to it. Let’s see how can we connect with the stars using these three steps, bringing healing awareness from the depth of the inner core?

Find a safe, comfortable, quiet place facing night sky. Allow plenty of time to gaze till your eyes reaches out to the vastness of the sky. Notice the various clusters of stars and patterns they form. See which of them you can connect with yourself. It could be any star, constellation, or any pattern formed.


Now completely focus on that one thing that appeals to you the most. See every minute part of it; the color, the light reflection, the aura of light formed by it — everything. The more you focus, it becomes clearer.


– Close your eyes and visualize that thing as completely as possible with every minute detail.

– When you are focusing on that vision, something starts happening in your body in response. Your body is experiencing the same phenomenon internally in form of sensations and vibrations and movements in response to your mind’s impressions. Now shift your focus from your visual observation to your bodily sensation and observe it completely.

– Once you experience the whole until it becomes very clear to you, see what images have emerged and what sensation it has given you. Did you feel like doing anything with it and how it went from body?


That sensation releases leaving a completely coordinated and centered being. As the being comes in tune with the immense potential energy of the star, it mirrors you and your latent intimations that may help lead you toward your individuality.

At this stage, if you consciously think about an unsolved problem; you may intuit an answer. If you repeatedly intuit the same answer, it can be considered individualistic from your deeper core.


Embracing nature unites three major components of your existence, namely; mind, body and soul. That coordination brings up appropriateness at every level. It balances the inner environment, which gradually ends up balancing physical inappropriateness. Overcoming depression, reducing stress, building self esteem and staying in shape are examples of the benefits.

Feeling the splendor of nature and experiencing its sensations, movements, and vibrations within your body, connects your being with nature and creates a space that is far beyond your conscious thought. It’s a space that awakens your potential so you can now access the hidden purpose of your life; receive messages to help you in your life according to your center. If the choices you choose in your life come from your center, they will be more insightful and individualistic to you.

In this space, the immense power of nature is connected and ready to help you, to provide answers to unsolved problems s that bother you. If you bring up any unanswerable life issues that bother you in your conscious bewilderment, you may receive more appropriate answers. Using this process can be very helpful to understand your potential and your career questions.

Nature in its full splendor is like a teacher that will help you discover a hidden gateway to empowerment. You can become attuned to the universe at large as well as the inner most part of your being. With the limitless powers of the universe you can achieve your loftiest goals and fully experience the inner life force that is essential to you.

Let nature be your teacher!!! – WILLIAM WORDSWORTH

In middle of a jungle, walking across the woods;
I met one mystic; serene and spirited.
When I was happy, he sounded blissed;
When I was horrified, he was confounded.
Why was this mystic mirroring my moods?
One fine day, the mystic left me on the roads,
Of serene and spirited goods;
And I understood, it was “I” alone,
Walking across the woods.-Zinkal