Integrative Medicines

A patient suffering from insomnia for years goes to a doctor. He notices that this doctor has a different approach. He asks about his lifestyle, and wants to understand his inner and outer self. The doctor advises him to eat half an apple a day for a couple of months. The patient is so happy hearing such a simple way of getting rid of a disease he has suffered for decades. / But, hewondered, whatabout the other half of the apple? The doctor replied, “Walk 10 kilometers a day and then eat the other half.”

What kind of “Apple a day will keep the doctor away”? Many people are actively seeking the help that works and there are many modes of treatment out making it very difficult to choose the best ones.

There is a fight in our world today between modern medical practices and alternative therapies, although both methods have worked independently and successfully for a long time.

Modern medicine has logged many achievements: heart transplants, keyhole surgeries, hip replacements, in-vitro fertilizations, have changed the lives of the human race by reducing mortality and enhancing life expectancy in all age groups.

The modern medicine works brilliantly on the mechanics of the anatomy, like defective joints, faulty heart valves, blocked arteries, treating physical and chemical flaws of the body by replacing hormones, minerals and vitamin supplements, enzymes, organ transplants, cutting out the diseased part, like cases of gangrene or decay from teeth; or removing a part, like kidney stones, gall bladder, appendix, etc. Cutting, removing or replacing parts are all mechanical treatments without a guarantee of future health and fitness. Despite these efforts in some cases one is not able to put an end to the suffering that occurs in the body nevertheless, leaving it as a conditioned choice less machine.

Because of this, alternative methods, like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki and others are receiving increasing attention as healing therapies to provide help for the troubled soul that lies within. The core belief of these vitalistic modes of treatment is that every individual is unique and has an innate potential to resist and heal disease. The “doctor within” actually stimulates healing from within and treats the whole person, not just a part.

Both allopathic [conventional medical model using pharmaceuticals] and natural alternative methods try to remove the disease and give relief, but they have a completely different approach For example: if a machine is at fault by producing faulty parts then the modern medicine will remove the faulty parts, but alternative therapies will repair the machine and rectify the problem in the various parts.

A healthy tree sheds its leaves in autumn, allowing it to leaf anew every spring. If a disease interrupts this rhythm, the “doctor within” will arouse an innate healing power to bring back that tree’s natural pattern. But when the “doctor within” is deranged and cannot remove the disease, then outside help is needed. Outside help is available in various ways, like antibiotics, antivirals, antipyretics and anti-inflammatory medicines; but these options do not acknowledge the root cause of the disease. The symptoms may seem to disappear but they may arise again on a deeper level and with higher intensity. This is what usually happens when an individual is subjected to the allopathic mode of treatment.

Repeated antibiotics and antivirals develop resistance in the body, causing more problems. Continuing with our tree analogy, if the disease state worsens, affected parts – like some branches may need to be removed “surgically.”   But after removing the diseased part (human organ or other bodily tissue), the cause of the disease is untouched and may recur again in the form of the same or a different disease which can spread to other branches. This often happens in cases where surgical mode of treatment is applied.

The alternative modes of treatment, which includes Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure etc. are the ones which focuses on the “whole tree” affected by the disease and not only the “diseased part of the tree”. These modes of treatment are based on understanding the nature of the “tree” and the root cause that led to its derangement. The natural healing potential is stimulated to correct the disease from the root to the branches. These are the vitalistic/holistic modes of treatment. The “doctor within” is again ready to take charge of the innate potential for overcoming illness and maintaining health for all changes that occur in nature’s cycle.

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

Now, which mode of treatment sounds better? One that removes the faulty and diseased parts and helps only externally, or one that helps to repair the body’s vitality and tendency to disease? The deep, permanent solution of course, despite the limitations with either approach.

If a person with low vitality suffers from a life threatening pathology like the last stage of cancer, his treatment would consist of surgery to remove the affected part, but his vitality can be stimulated with alternative treatments.

So, what if both modes of treatment were pursued simultaneously?

Mechanically treating disease conventionally by replacing parts or hormones, using vitamin/mineral supplements, advising physio or occupational therapies based on a named disease, combined with holistic treatment of the root cause of the disease, in addition to selecting a diet and exercise according to the individual’s inner unique pattern to keep “doctor within” in harmony- definitely sounds good. Wouldn’t it  “complete the apple” which can keep away all kinds of doctor [ diseases] and preserve the highest degree of health?

Role of homoeopathy in integrative healing

The homeopathic interview is individualised for every patient who wishes to understand their unique inner vibration on all levels: mentally, subconsciously, physiologically, professionally and in the areas of interests, hobbies, relationships, and in illness. The homoeopath looks for the best remedy match from the homoeopathic pharmacopoeia; a remedy that resembles closely the inner pattern which emerges during a homoeopathic interview. In a way, it is like bringing out the unique designer’s pattern and hence a designer’s remedy, according to that unique original personality. The benefit of this interview does not end here! Along with this also comes guidance for a unique diet, plan for exercise and activities based on the unique pattern that emerges during the homoeopathic case interview.

The remedy prescribed will help from inside / within (internal) to bring out a balance in all the inappropriateness perceived at the level of mind and body, whereas the unique diet, exercise, yoga and other activities will help from the outside (external) plane to preserve the complete health for a longer time.

The prescribed remedy will help the internal of person to bring about the appropriate balance of mind and body, whereas, the unique diet and exercise will help the external plane remain healthy longer.

Isn’t it a real integrative medicinal approach where holistic internal treatment guides for the outer help that an individual must take to be healthy forever. Actually it is a Designer’s Integrative Holistic Medicine having the following insights:

The integrative approach, with a holistic internal treatment serves, as a guide for the external approach is the key to a good health on a deep level. Actually, this is the Designer’s Integrative Holistic Medicine having the following insights:

Time effective/cost effective: Holistic integrative treatment would take lesser time as compared to mechanical treatment given externally in the form of surgery, antibiotics or supplements because it removes ailments from the root leaving no room to reoccur again and generally is also less expensive, since it helps provide complete holistic package of treating the body and maintaining its highest health in one go by suggesting the activity and diet one should perform life-long.

Time effective/cost effective: Holistic integrative treatment takes less time compared to conventional “mechanical” treatment given externally in the form of surgery, antibiotics or supplements because it removes ailments from the root leaving virtually no room to reoccur again. Holistic treatment is generally less expensive as well. It treats every part of the individual, and provides for a holistically healthy state by recommending diet, exercise and activities appropriately unique to the person.

Leads Journey towards the Whole; A technique [of focusing only on physical ailments] used in allopathic medicine increases our separateness from the whole, by leaving the body as a choice-less machine. In contrast, vitalistic approaches pay more attention to the subtle aspect of our being by creating a bridge from our separateness to wholeness.

Integrative medicine is a new approach to eliminating diseases that may occur in many bodies of consciousness: physical, vital, mental, supra mental and spiritual. Even so, disease may originate on one level and may spread to other levels. Hence, it serves the purpose of integrative healings, by focusing on whole and not a on a part, like mechanist and conventional does.

Eastern medicine concentrates on the vital body and western medicine concentrates on the physical body. Both are valid approaches, but alone, neitherforms the “perfect apple” of holistic health. We must integrate both science and consciousness. In this way, integral medicine is truly holistic medicine and a holistic approach to leading a balanced and fruitful life.Let’s share our flaws to be flawless

Let’s cross our limits to go limitless

However we pave different directions;

We both have a similar aspiration;

To heal thy souls, from the core creation.

Like, Eve embraces Adam’s existence

And completes, each other’s coherence;

Let me strengthen roots of conventional

On which you craft entire wholeness

Let’s cognize each other’s weakness

Let’s integrate and gift “completeness”- Zinkal