A Case of Hypotension and Scalp Psoriasis

“A well taken case is half cured” I understood this long back when I learned applying Case witnessing Process with my patients. This tool helped me to get the entire disturbed energy pattern of the patient. Prescribing on that helped to bring a balance in them holistically their disease, fears, dreams, and delusions as well as their relations, profession and day-to-day life.

Lets encounter how beautifully this journey took place in a lady of 38 years old came from out state for having hypotension that caused her to collapse at times. She also had scalp psoriasis, with sticky discharge, frequent allergic rhinitis, and hyperacidity.

I gave her space and PASSIVELY noted all rare peculiar things, out of which I could see a common thread which I picked up as a FOCUS and started asking about it ACTIVELY, until all scattered bits got connected and a holistic pattern emerged out of it.

Passive case witnessing process

(Area self)

[Here she chooses to begin her case by comparing her childhood condition with her present]

Life is full of frustration; I was much-pampered child, I used to always walk holding hands.

Any problem in college, I used to go and ask my brother. If being gifted on valentine days, I used to go and ask my brother how I should go about it.

But after marriage I had to be independent. I never received love, care and protection and I feel completely dissatisfied with my marriage.

I feel weak and pressurized because of all these.

(Area work)

There is a lot of pressure in IIT.

In journey from dependent to independent I had to face many problems.

I had to suppress all my wishes in order to hear two words of love so that I can live nicely.

I was the decision maker in my house, and here I always searched for support. It’s not that I need support of only husband, if parents support me then also I would be happy but in reality I am supporting my parents.

[Here she is generalizing that support and two words of love and care is important for her, which she seeks from husband or parents or brother.]

(Area change)

There was a point where it was impossible to live in my house and I went out to do PHD, [Masters], as all are cheaters here.

How would a girl, who’s grown up in such a protection; can face all these?

I used to love sweets

I am passionate about travelling, fast drives, to get wet in rains, very restless, whereas my husband is completely opposite, cannot bear a touch from me also.

I left my husband, and lived in celibacy for 9 days. Demand of physical need had really grown up, I used to sit close to telephone and used to wait for his calls. Then I came back with a thought that I won’t live and won’t allow them to live.

I don’t have any protection. I left everything, just to love him, but he made me zero. My worth in house is as good as my maid.

Husband was already growing up three kids of my sister in law and forced me to abort, I said “I don’t need doctor, I need you, give me love and I will be happy”. I want to travel, get appreciated, that comfort I never received from him. I aborted baby as I knew no one will help me with a glass of water if I am pregnant.

Every one used to love me in college and here people fight with me like dogs. These are all knots will open on slightest of touch. [Here she cries]

(Area work)

There is lot of pressure in professional life, like I have in personal life.

Couldn’t speak in English, I used to feel red, heat on face, depression and pressure while going in conference room.

I was very miser kind of a person. In my sister‘s wedding I spent 55 INR for bangles and I got so much pressurized that my blood pressure turned law, I collapsed and I was rushed to the hospital. I feel so much pressure from inside and pressure from everywhere with vertigo.

If my parents are ill, I take pressure, in my house with in laws I take pressure, there is a pressure in my professional life, can’t spend for myself and I feel pressure.

[Here she beautifully generalizes her feeling of getting pressurized in all areas of her life]


So far two important things are running in Passive case witnessing

1] Feeling of PRESSURE in many areas like, personal, professional, when parents are ill and when she spends money.

2] Always being protected loved and cared in childhood and not getting that love, care and support after marriage.


From passive only she is giving qualified emotions, so she is at higher level of experience and would receive her remedy in 1m potency. And she talks in general about many areas and not stuck to any one

[Focus is emerging in passive but we will confirm if same thread is running in childhood and subconscious areas also. Here we are guiding her passively in subconscious areas]

Guided Passive case witnessing Process

D: Tell about your childhood?

It was a golden life; I grew up under guidance of my brother. Since the time he got married, I lost all my support. I got so much of pressure that my blood pressure started decreasing. [Since childhood she always needed support without which she used to feel pressure and her blood pressure used to fall down. This confirms that both focuses are part of her holistic centre]

Father lost his sleep in all tension of my marriage and I thought whomever first he would select, I will marry him. Today also people proposes me.

As a child, I was a very angry child, would hit my mother, never considered my mother any worth; I used to only talk with brother and dad. Never used to do household work. I used to be very fond of makeup.

One boy was teasing a girl, I saw that and I got so much pressurized, I started sweating. How average looking girl can receive so much of attention and not me? [Here also when she wasn’t given importance, she started feeling pressure and sweating, which is a common phenomenon running through and through, so here actively I will zoom in it and explore it]

Active case witnessing process

D: What do you feel with all these pressure?

When newly wedding couple teases each other, it impacts me. I feel that I should leave my husband, but I have swallowed a sip of blood staying with him. I become very aggressive if someone speaks I will eat them up.

I feel I am so beautiful. At a time my father in law says, what if your husband is not there to love you, I am there for you? Once he tried abusing me, I screamed and went to husband, but he said you must be lying. I knew how to protect myself after then. Since that day you can hear only voice of mine in our house.

D: How does it feel deep within?

P: I never received happiness, never felt proud of me being loved. I feel like crying, feel as if choked up. I never had the feeling of being touched or loved, or having physical relation with my husband. Because of all these I feel pressurized. I need love to distress myself.

When my son gently rubs his arm on me, I go in deep sleep. So much need I have of touch that I have to sleep touching the walls, or sleep with cross legs so both legs touch each other; or I tell my 5 year old son to make me sleep.

[Here she qualifies the need of love and touch from close one to distress herself. Here being very sure of focus I will head towards the last step of Case witnessing process that is Active Active case witnessing to explore further.]

Active Active Case Witnessing Process

D: How do you feel without being loved/ cared/ touched?

I feel to remarry to someone else. I feel I should have enjoyed before my marriage. I feel like crying and I feel really angry that I abuse him or I remove my all aggression on him. I need someone who is there always with me, cares about my happiness, and supports me to move further. None of my relatives are like me. I feel myself superior; I felt my husband will be happy having me. I tell my husband to leave all jobs and just love me.

D: If you summarize yourself?

There is lack of love, leading in to lack of confidence.

If all things were according to me I would just wish for a loving husband. I have studied so much I can keep 10 maids at a time, but I have just become a maid. I get so much angry if they have ruined my life I won’t let them live peacefully.

D: Tell about the feeling of anger and pressurized when not loved?

With so much of anger my words really pierce. I cannot explain, it’s like pressure from all sides and I feel I will burst out. I behave so rude that I don’t allow other person to speak. All my veins gets engorged; I feel so much of anxiety, palpitation and perspiration with anger. I get acidity with this pressure.[Somatizing her complaints with pressure]

Center of patient

Need support in terms of love care, touch, appreciation, encouragement as she feels herself superior, beautiful, qualified and eligible but when doesn’t receive it, she feels pressure building from all the side as if it would burst out. With this pressure physically blood pressure decreases, with palpitation, and sweat all over and collapse at a times and mentally she feels the anger to burst out on some one.


  • Since childhood, complaint started after losing support of brother.
  • Need someone to be loved, cared.
  • Need the touch of husband or son to make her asleep if not, she touches to wall and sleep.
  • Couldn’t bear father’s tension and decided to merry to guy of his choice


  • In all instance of being not loved and cared she feels pressure and extreme anger to burst out with heat inside, sweat, palpitation and rage.
  • She is passionate about travelling, fast drives, to get wet in rains, loves to enjoy life.

Remedy received:

Magnesium nitricum 1m 3 doses


What about chocking?

Chocking is part of Nitricums, nitrites are oxygen +nitrogen, where air hunger remarkably comes with chocked and suffocation.Expression of anger and burst out, is of nitricum, which bursts out with explosion.

Nitricum do have animal like issues of egoism, cheating, taking revenge in anger.

Magnesium Nitricum From Sholten’s [Homoeopathy And Elements]

Quarrels make it impossible to enjoy life: They like to build up a proper relationship because they need it to feel good about themselves and like to enjoy the good things in life together with their partner. But when it doesn’t happen feel so tense inside they can’t help but quarrel, usually about minor issues.

Aggression as a release of tension: Their tendency to suppress their anger leads to a feeling of inner tension. This tension may suddenly explode in a terrible fit of anger. Or they may feel an almost uncontrollable urge to use violence towards anyone who puts them under pressure, the tension in their body running out of control.

Enjoying quarrels: Sado-Masochism: In extreme case these people can only enjoy things that are associated with violence.

Follow up after 1 month:

Completely calmed down, no feeling of rage and neglected, I was not angry throughout this month.

Since last 2 days blood pressure is decreasing to 100/60, as it is a time of submission. I am feeling really pressurized. Thinking about being failure increases palpitation, sweat all over and breathlessness and taking electoral powders.

Saw dream that I was swinging very fast, and I fell down and woke up frightened.Other dream of running with high speed as someone was chasing me. I got scared of dying and got up.

[PRESCRIPTION:She has calmed down but subconsciously seeing frightful dreams. So, we will repeat Magnesium Nitricum 1m 1 dose]

Follow up after 2 month:

Feeling so much pressure due to exam my blood pressure remains low 100/60. Everything has increased. So much of stress and pressure feel restricted and feel to escape from here.

White scales and discharge from scalp has increased.

Dreams only related to exams.

I feel my guide of project is not supporting me, I feel to go and fight with him.

[PRESCRIPTION: Same story of pressure, restriction, when not supported, feeling to go and quarrel with them. Repeated Mag Nitricum 1m 1 Dose]

Follow up after 3 month:

Blood pressure has stabilized. No vertigo. Itching and dandruff on scalp is still there.

The anger and pressure towards my guide in my project submission is under control. Mentally much relieved. No tension at all. Completely relaxed from mind.

Now with so much of work I can handle the pressure, unlike earlier, where I used to burst out.

[PRESCRIPTION: Here she was much better mentally but physically still complaints were there. So I decided to wait and kept her on placebo]

Follow up after 5 month:

Red spots all over body and eruptions at night. Profuse hair fall, But blood pressure has been stabilized to 120/78 No vertigo. Not falling sick frequently.

Not stressed too much, however the circumstances are stressful. My blood pressures have never decreased since last few months. I have so much courage to finish all work. Negativity has been controlled. I am not under estimating myself; instead I am at very good level of understanding.

I don’t feel there is lack of love, I don’t complaint, I don’t get angry about it. Relationship with husband and mother in law has changed. Now there is no requirement to fight like cats and dogs.

For submission I don’t take stress rather I feel I will do the best of myself.

Dreams of I am working with my guide, he has cheated me. He is going away, i am getting angry but feeling that I can handle.

[PRESCRIPTION: Here she is much better in mental and emotional sphere, even dreams are showing pattern of improvement, so we will wait keeping her on placebo as we believe red spots will be recovered soon]

Follow up after 1 year:

Stopped treatment since last couple of months, as things were very fine.

No problem of hair skin, no red patches, no scales or dandruff.

After than; no episodes of low blood pressure and rushing to hospitals!

I used to have frequent cold, which has also stopped.

Irregular periods have been regular after starting these medicines.

I am peaceful, calm and happy in my life, no more quarrels. I don’t need to compare my life with others and create fights.

All those depression, anger had reduced. Relation with family and especially with husband has improved, physical intimacy too.

I work full day and completely comfortable. I haven’t put any efforts, it’s all because of your medicines and I am thankful to it.

D: What changes in life because of all these?

My friends do notice that I have changed, no more short temperedness. If someone instigate, I don’t take it on me but I find humor out of it and explain in lighter way. Earlier all insults used to hurt, used to bottled up and burst out in aggression and violent fights. Now I convey without fights; as it doesn’t hurt me anymore. My confidence to deal with people has improved which is reflecting in my career also.

I used to be angry in sleep and violent, now sleep peacefully and no dreams at all.

D: Overall?

I get all love and care what I needed; I have come in very comfortable zone. No problems at all. All negative feeling to each and every person has dissolved somehow.

And I reduced 10 kg weight, from 75, now it is 65 and I feel much better and lighter.

[Patient was better, so stopped treatment after 6 months. When I spoke to her on phone after 1 year, she was all fine no complaints, she found a shift in herself in all levels. There was a state of balance, calmness, comfort and happiness which is reflecting in her behavior, her perception to things around her, dreams, in her profession, and even in her relation too!]