Three Steps Of Vocation; In Tune With Homoeopathic Principles


“The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he’s always doing both. ”― James A. Michener

Once, a famous businessman joined his father’s business when the company was having financial difficulties. By making broad changes within the company, he felt it was possible to reverse the problem.

To start the process, he began the journey of knowing himself, by witnessing his individual peculiarities.   He looked for uniqueness in his fears, dreams, strange delusions, hobbies, interests, goals and aspirations that were foremost in every stage of his life. To his amazement, he could perceive a unique, individualistic pattern running in every area of his life.

Next, he observed and noted the unique traits of likes, dislikes, goals, aspirations, and long term visions as well as the thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the individuals on his core team. Of the group, a few of them exhibited some features he felt that he identified in himself. He then decided to continue the rest of his journey with them.

He concluded that the product his company produced should match his expertise as well as provide a benefit to his customers. He walked all the way to different lands, met people of different regions, religions and ages to elicit their requests that were common to the whole. From the information that he gathered, He came up with the idea: his product should resonate with an inner tune of him and his core team.

The company’s increased output over the next few years was remarkable, shooting from minus 3000crores to a profit of 7000crores. The financial surge continued and he was honored as the youngest achiever in his field for 3 consecutive years.

Was it hard work, just good luck or something else?

A spiritual mystic was worshipped in his village, as the villagers believed in him deeply, that he would be the one to bring relief from their three-year drought.

The Mystic requested three days in a tranquil place to concentrate. On the first day, he intensely concentrated on himself by observing his peculiar but scattered thoughts, feelings, dreams and delusions. He did the same on day two, but gradually he was able to perceive a pattern common to almost all areas that he observed in himself. On day three, he focused intensely on the holistic pattern that emerged on day two. In doing so, he was able to bring all the parts together until it became a part of him. The moment he matched the frequency of that pattern by virtue of identifying it, he could release that awareness outward into the universe. The universe synchronised to bring rain on the evening of the third day of his meditation. He never asked for the rain to come. He became in tune with frequency of the universe and it conspired to give him what he desired.

When you are aligned with your higher self/BUDDHA Nature and put forth your desires, the entire universe conspires to achieve it for YOU.~Sargam

Every being in the universe is adorned with some unique, individualistic traits, in different parts as well as a whole, making each individual different from other. By identifying those traits, we can facilitate ourselves with all those things around us in our hobbies, profession, and future aspiration to bring transformation inside out in all terms.

Have you read about the African tribe Himba, where the birth of a child happens in the mother’s thought? She sits in silence under a tree and waits to hear the individualistic song of the baby who wants to come. After she hears the song, she shares it with her partner and they sing it together during lovemaking, conception, and throughout the nine months with the child. The midwives also sing the song during delivery. The child learns his special song and all villagers are taught the same song for this child, which is repeated in every phase of his development from childhood, puberty and adolescence to keep him in tune and healthy. Staying in tune with the inner song made this tribe one of the healthiest on the earth. In order to be healthy and proficient, they choose all the things around them in tune with their individualistic song and stay connected to it.

Be it a business man, a saint or an African tribe; one thing that run common in all is that, they first identified their individualistic expressions, and then they pursued to “be” with those expressions present holistically in many areas of their life for long; where every cell feels the space identical to inner tune. There they would connect with their higher self and expand enormous potentials. It is the “remedy” itself that will help to live better, grow proficiently and healthy.

When you wish to pursue certain interests or a profession or a daily activity, if it is aligned with your holistic expression, then that choice of activity would prove as a good remedy. Hence, before selecting any activity, take a time to identify and be in tune with your unique, individualistic, holistic traits.

This is homeopathy. In order to treat and transform from a deeper level, a medicine (homeopathic remedy) is selected from our universe that resonates with the individualistic features expressed in various vital areas from childhood to present. Those features are present holistically in many areas and define the true portrait of the individual. The homeopathic remedy selected on principles of individualism, holism and simillimum is a potential designer’s remedy.

Individualization is sorting out the peculiar expressions individualistic to the person on mental and physical areas. The collection of traits having a commonality that are exhibited in not all but most of mental and physical areas are termed as Holistic traits among the individual. Finding a closest similar match of holistic symptoms obtained in an individual is known as Simillimum remedy.

When we choose to pursue certain interests or profession or a daily activity, if it is aligned with your holistic expression, then that choice of activity would prove as a good remedy. Hence, before going for it, sit back, take your time, to identify such an activity which you can tune up and fuel up with your unique individualistic pattern. These are the possessions to be acknowledged, pursued and skilled over. However, sometimes these unique traits are veiled apart to acknowledge.

The homeopathic interview has proved to be a very good tool in bringing you in touch with your individualistic traits by allowing a space to talk in spontaneity about whatever you feel to talk, may be about fears, dreams, interests, hobbies, goals, profession, relationships and illnesses. Here a homoeopath identifies a pattern running in all areas, mirrors it to you until you identify, relate and understand it thoroughly. Then he will guide you for all the activities you should pursue tuned to this holistic pattern emerged which may prove to be highly prolific. If you are not inclined to homoeopathy and its interview, following pointers will help you to be close to your inner traits:

1] Individualize your unique traits:

Keep a diary to list out all possible characteristic of you in all areas of life asking following pointers:

  • What are the unique features of your life that were visible in your childhood, teenage, adulthood and now? Your unique, individualistic thoughts/ feelings/ fears/ dreams/ delusions/ perceptions in various stages of life?
  • What activities [interest/ hobbies] did you naturally adapt; specially those activities which were not taught or instigated by someone else?
  • How did you react during traumatic incidents, in childhood with fears, nightmares and scary imagination? What worst imaginary picture comes in front of your eyes?
  • What were the goals and aspirations you developed naturally since childhood, and what image is in front of your eyes when you visualize it?
  • What deep regrets do you hold, like things you couldn’t do, or things you couldn’t achieve?
  • If given a chance to change the direction of your life and make things according to your wishes, what would be the first spontaneous thing you would love to grab and follow with all your passion throughout the rest of your life?
  • What individualistic features surface from your inner witness during walking or meditating? [ see for more information].

2] Find your holistic pattern:

  • What is the commonality that speaks about you in every area of your life?
  • What is the commonality in the area of your interest/hobbies/goals/aspirations runs from childhood, teenage, and adulthood?

3] Find the Simillimum

Find the similar space by virtue of any activity, hobby or profession, which exactly matches to the holistic pattern emerged and there lies your strength. That would be the designer’s activity, centred on the designer’s self where every cell in your body will participate to help you become more aware as you grow closer to the individualised you at the holistic level. When you reach that level in your understanding of yourself, then the awareness of that alone can be your best remedy. Not only would you excel at any activity with ease, but on a physical level, illness has no reason to be. No longer would you be merely working at your job but it will be an activity that would be aligned and resonate with the deepest part of you. It will turn into your best vocation; a profession with immense profit and a vocation filled with immense pleasure.

Do that activity on regular basis till you excel it. It will become a part of you, and will complement to heal you from core and realise your unmodified inner song. Now keep singing it.


“At the centre of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”― Lao Tzu

Working on all those things very close to your being would help holistically in all terms; one can excel it with ease and perform better, and enjoy to utmost; mentally it would aid peace and gratification, whereas physically it would keep away from ailments, acting as best remedy to the being.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking and don’t settle. As with all matters of heart, you will know when you find it. -Steve jobs

Let’s revisit the story of our businessman. . . Before you choose a vocation or direction for your company as in our businessman’s example, look deep into your individual potential and the potential of the people you choose to work with. When the people working with you carry similar potential to yours, then the pursuit of the company goals should yield a good outcome. Like the homeopathic process, in order to treat and transform from the deepest level, the patient’s traits must be understood and the unique nature of those traits are identified holistically in many areas and then matched with a remedy from the universe, called the simillimum, and given to the patient, which then brings healing changes on a deep level, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love. It will not lead you astray. – Rumi