I Need To Manipulate…

A Case of Dr. Zinkal gets Published in Hpathy.com, feb 2017 [ https://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/need-to-manipulate/]

I believe I should use such a method that leads me effortlessly to those individualistic/peculiar expressions of the patient which are present holistically in every area of his life, at every stage, and from childhood, even subconsciously in dreams, fears and hobbies. And I found the Case Witnessing Process [CWP] which is an amazing tool offering a vast confidence to homoeopaths to deal with cases from any age group having any pathology, narrated in any language, and coming from any corner of the world. If you know the tool, inevitably you will reach to the individualistic expressions of the patient from a deeper core, in an unbiased way, effortlessly.

This journey of CWP begins with giving enough space to the patient, letting him decide where he has to go and then we passively witness what he is putting in the center in various arenas of his life. This patient-centric approach is known as the Passive Case Witnessing Process. [PCWP]

We may GUIDE him PASSIVELY, to speak about subconscious areas like, fear, dreams or his childhood which is GUIDED- PASSIVE CWP. The Main “focus”of this step is to find out those peculiar expressions exhibited in many arenas of his life and confirm it in a second step: ACTIVE-CWP, which will give clues about the inner realm. Then comes a last step of ACTIVE ACTIVE CWP where we explore those individualistic expressions until the whole process unfolds from biological, physiological, systemic, to subconscious layers.

Applying the same method of CWP here, I have attempted to illustrate a case of a 68 year old male patient MR. S.P.K who arrived with complaint of hypertension and right sided hemiparesis after a stroke.

We will see, that when we understand individualistic expressions at the holistic level, how beautifully everything connects, including the theme and pathology. It gives us confidence in prescribing, when everything comes together at one juncture; the shift is bound to come and desired result will be met.

This case is in vernacular language “Hindi” and translated and edited for brevity. Red font: questions asked by me; Bold italics are important PQRS words of the patient and green font are in-between remarks by me.



I took very much stress for my third wife, being diagnosed with cirrhosis of liver. After which I got stroke. My right side of body became weak, and immovable. Face drawn to opposite direction and my speech got blurred. After this stroke I got blood pressure.


Always have a habit of interfering in other’s life that is why I get such problems. My wife doesn’t speak and that is the reason I keep doing such things. Third wife is very suspicious, doesn’t care about finance, and provoke me too much to the level, that for her sickness we had to sell our apartment. There is no finance remained now as I am retired. She slipped and got fracture and bedridden, we have to go repeatedly to tap ascetic fluid as we are not in position for her liver transplant surgery.


I am very responsible person. Whatever task I take on, I will make sure to finish it. I don’t avoid in places where I should which affects otherwise on my family.

I have 3 wives, and my nature is such I get friendly easily to females to the level of closeness, then I let go my responsibilities and go close to that person.

[Goes spontaneously to childhood]
I was very studious, but because of this problem, I got diverted from studies.

[He generalizes his habit of getting friendly to females in childhood, and in work place also.]
I was sincere in job, but because of problem of getting close to someone, I couldn’t perform ever in my work. I used to get so much involved in that person, day and night constantly used to think about it. Problem started after 2nd wife, but she was earning and supporting the family.

D: Tell more about yourself?

I take life very easily and forget all other responsibilities. Very easily I get attracted to ladies; that is the main problem from childhood. Then I don’t feel regret, once involved in that relationship, very hard to come out of it, I never leave it half way, whatever is the task. Whenever I am trapped in, very hard to come out, I need to finish it of. And if they are sick, I feel it’s my responsibility to take care f them.

[Here we are directing patient passively to talk about childhood and other subconscious areas to see what else comes up there]


D: Tell about your childhood?


I used to love to study and learn new things, in job also, I used to keep on shifting from one job to another. So everything I couldn’t finish to fullest and left half way. I was sincere, docile obedient and very religious. Slowly my interest shifted in earning in early age. And in work, as I told you I get attracted to ladies and every where very easily, once that attraction grows, I can’t control myself. I like everything about her to the level I involve myself personally. I know its wrong and because of which I have all the problems now. Once I fall in that attraction rest of things goes sideways, and altogether a new life begins.

Like if person likes one thing that only ruins everything, as if one food item one eats in excess that only hampers his health. I was very healthy and now have to take 5 tablets a day daily. I take things very easily. Basically I am a fool, earlier I had much strength now everything vanished.

[To push more about earlier phase we asked about it]
D: How was it earlier?

Earlier every thing was under control. I was in limit. But as grew up I became limitless. If person doesn’t get scared of anything, he keeps on making mistakes. As a kid we have fear of parents, society but when we grow up, we become self-independent. He himself starts making his own decisions.

[Now we are exploring his childhood fears]
D: Tell me about childhood fears?

I never did such a deed so that my parents would shout on me.

D: Tell about dreams?

We all together opened a bank; I am the one organizing all things, 10-12 lacs money shifting from here to there.

There was a development of global scheme, where I am an organizer; I am getting a position and future prospects. Where my future is going to be very bright, and financially settled and getting all importance of being in top position

[The phone rings, while talking. He gets angry at the property agent who is calling him up again and again about an apartment they are looking for.]
P: Agent won’t leave you till death. He always wants to bother me; he himself needs commission, I get so much pressure in my head, but can’t I do anything, I cannot kill someone. I cannot dominate someone; I have good tolerance power. [This came up spontaneously with energy, so I felt definitely it carries energy and I should explore it in the flow.]

D: Meaning what?

If someone is irritating me, I also can irritate him. That I don’t do.

I also can dominate someone. But I remain quite, that’s my nature.

[Here he is qualifying it also which seems that these expressions carrying more energy]
FOCUS: Many peculiar things came up in passive like“Getting attracted to ladies very easily”; “Wife is suspicious and provoking” but “Agent constantly irritates, but I won’t kill him, though I can” came up with energy and qualified also. So I took it as focus/anchor/holistic expression and headed journey to explore whole.

LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE: He’s giving delusions, like I am limitless, having habit of interfering with others, in passive CWP, which means he lives on delusional level of experience; hence potency would be 200 at the end.

LOCAL/GENERAL/VITAL AREAS COVERED: He is talking about general areas like chief complaint, self, childhood, dreams.

IS HE IN TOUCH WITH HIMSELF? Yes. Spontaneously speaks about himself, though he uses denial defenses in between so he might need dissociation type of questionings, later to explore deeper.


[Here, he was saying that I can kill someone, or dominate but I don’t do it]
D:”I can kill someone or dominate, but I don’t do it” what does it mean? Meaning what?

One animal is there, would get tortured the way you are torturing and then after a limit he would attack back. Human being should have such furious nature. He should take deadly revenge and shouldn’t be overpowered by someone.

[He is qualifying more, giving examples of animals and using non-human words which confirms that we have selected the right focus. Now we should be ACTIVE ACTIVE and persist till the whole inner experience of the patient unfolds to the whole.]


D: Furious nature to take deadly revenge. Tell me about it. Deadly, tell about it?

Those who have a furious nature, they would plan against him that before he attacks, we should attack him back. They don’t wait and tolerate.

D: How do they plan and attack?

When I know, he is going to torture me, before he does, I get all prepared and I attack back before he does.

[So far he was projecting that somebody else does it, which suddenly ended in acceptance unknowingly, and now he is talking about how he attacks back]
If I get angry, I will kill him. I cannot tolerate much. I take revenge and attack back.

D: Like an animal?

[Adding his words to complete the process]
Yes, he won’t tolerate much. Initially he would tolerate, but later on he would bite the person. After a limit he would change his nature.

[He said this in passive – that he became limitless, which I would bring up again here]
D: You said that you were also limitless…

Yes… No one would retaliate to me, wife would never interfere, and parents would never provoke me. That is why this attraction overpowered me and I went on doing mistakes in life. I never had a pressure, never had a fear in life, where I became lion. Then person can do biggest crime of the earth. Then he takes everything for granted.

[That is how he connected his limitless nature with doing all the crimes of earth, being easily attracted to females; that’s where the circles complete. Now we will explore dreams to see what he experiences subconsciously]
Here we understood the process is indicating survival issues of the animal kingdom, where if one irritates, overpowers, dominates, he would take it tol a limit and then plan it properly and prepare himself to attack back like a ferocious, deadly animal, which has other qualities of being suspicious, of easily getting attracted to females, with higher sexuality. Planning plotting inorder to take revenge with higher sexuality guides us towards the subkingdom reptiles. To confirm the source we inquire further.


D: Are you sensitive to any animals?

I get dreams of snakes repeatedly. Snake is going to attack and I get scared that it would bite me. Repeatedly I get this dream and I get up.

[Here, it confirms that reptile is the sub-kingdom, from which we need to select the medicine in order to match the exact totality. So here I will explore physical complaints to differentiate among reptiles.]


D: What is happening physically?

When I got up, I couldn’t understand what is happening to my body, my right side became stiff, I couldn’t move it, as if it was jammed. I was scared of what happened suddenly. Then I was hospitalised. Still there is weakness on right side. Face got twisted to opposite side. I cannot talk properly, speech is Slurry still

Case Understanding and Analysis:



  • Always have a habit of interfering in other’s life that is why I get such problems
  • Third wife is very suspicious, doesn’t care about finance, and provoke me too much.
  • I have 3 wives, and my nature is such I get friendly easily to females to the level of closeness, then I let go my responsibilities and go close to that person, this problem is since childhood.


  • Keep on shifting the job
  • Get very attracted to ladies and can’t control myself.
  • As grew up I became limitless and kept doing mistakes.
  • Had a dream of opening a bank; where I am organizing, 10-12 lacs of money shifting from here to there
  • Agent won’t leave you till death, keep bothering you. I can’t dominate and kill him I have good tolerance power.
  • If he irritates me, I also can irritate him but I don’t do it.


Like an animal getting tortured till the limit, and then he would attack back. Human being should have such a furious and deadly nature, which shouldn’t overpowered by someone


  • Those have a furious nature. They would plan against him that before he attacks they attack back, don’t wait and tolerate.
    Before he attacks, I get all prepared and attack.
  • I can’t tolerate it, I will get angry and kill him, can’t tolerate it.
  • No one retaliated, provoked, interfered me, so became lion kept on doing all biggest crimes of the world


  • I get dreams of snakes going to attack me and I get scared.
  • Right sided weakness and slurred speech after stroke.

Centre of the case:

I like interfering in other’s life, getting attracted to women very easily.

I am limitless in making mistakes.

I can tolerate till a limit, and then he would attack back, furiously like a deadly animal.

I plan properly and prepare myself and attack back.

I get repeatedly dreams of snake coming to bite me.

Got right sided weakness and slurred speech after stroke.

Animal kingdom:

Here we understood the process is indicating survival issues of the animal kingdom, where if one irritates, overpowers, dominates, he would take it to a limit and then plan it properly and prepare himself to attack back like a ferocious, deadly animal.


  • Whenever overpowered, irritated, he would tolerate it all to a limit; he would plan properly and attack back ferociously [VIPERIDAE]

[Note: Elapidae won’t tolerate it at all when overpowered, dominated. They would directly attack back with or without warning; they won’t hide and plan to take revenge]

  • Suspicious
  • Higher sexuality, Getting attracted by ladies easily
  • Getting top position and importance in dream.
  • Fear/ dream of big black snake biting him


Here we would find a remedy from the ophidian group which covers

Right sided weakness/semi paresis/hemiplegia with aphasia/ Difficult, inarticulate speech

And Bothrops lancenatus is coming up first covering all symptoms.



Extremely fertile; each gives birth to 70 offspring. During the daytime and while resting, it lies rolled up in a ring shape, with the head in the centre, but when disturbed, it stretches itself the whole length, and like an arrow springs mercilessly at the enemy, and rolls up again into a ring after the danger is over.


Blood, blood vessels and nerves.


Demand attention.

Must be attractive.

Love of colors, music.


Strong fear and dreams of snakes.


Inability to articulate, without any affection of the tongue.

Word hunting; forgetful of words while speaking. Indisposed to talk.


Right-sided headache.

Blueness of right hand, agg. letting hand hang by the side, agg. Carrying anything, agg.

Remedy given

Bothrops lancenatus 1m, one dose.

After 1 month of treatment:


Blood pressure is under control. Blood sugar still high. Body aches are severe.

On examination:

Weakness of right side little improved.

Gaining strength, and feeling better.

Speech is less blurred


Had a dream of a big snake ending his life just after he took the remedy. [Seeing in the dream the remedy source gives more confirmation of the prescription. It illustrates that the dosage has touched the subconscious level and brought a shift. Every time in his dreams a snake used to bite him and he used to get scared and run away, but here he saw the snake is dying.]

Repeated 1 dose of Bothrops 1m again.

After 3 months of treatment:

On examination:

Weakness of right side vanished. Ballooning mouth test is normal.

Facial expressions have improved.


No more Slurred of speech.

Sugar is still higher; fasting came 140mg/dl, Taking medicines for it.

Repeated one dose of Bothrops Lancenatus1m

After 5 month of treatment:


There is lot of tension in arranging money for third wife’s operation. Second wife’s daughter is pregnant. How to manage all these is running in head. I need to MANIPULATE in order to balance all these. Would say lie or show wrong expenses to other wives. I need to change my talk. I need to camouflage myself in their talk so that they won’t come to know. I am doing this manipulation and camouflaging since many years as I love all the three wives and I don’t want to hurt them. For that you really need a presence of mind to read mind of opposite partner. So I select such women who don’t question me, don’t overpower me or else I will only be trapped in problems, as the worst fear I have is what if they come to know and catch me red handed with proof.

[The same state came to the surface with all the tensions and how important it is for him to manipulate, read the mind of others and camouflage in order to not get caught red handed. This gives more surety to the snake group of remedies]


Body aches has increased, though blood pressure is normal, and fasting blood sugar came 140 mg/dl in spite taking medicines.

Repeated Bothrops Lancenatus 1m dose again

After 6 month of treatment


Much Better mentally compared to last time. I feel I will manage the problem. No tension regarding it.

Saw a dream of big crocodile in a pond that caught a fish and was eating it.


Blood pressure is controlled, not taking medicines for it.

Blood sugar has reduced to fasting 110mg/dl, now will taper down the allopathic medicine, hence body aches are less. No other physical complaints.

Repeated dose of Bothrops Lancenatus 1m

[As he will improve, we will reduce homoeopathic medicines and might stop allopathic treatment for sugar as he has already tapered down the doses. He is now able to balance and cope up with all tensions going on in his family and they are not affecting to his health any more.]

With this case witnessing process, I could explore the centre of the patient entering through the right focus, could confirm it once the dots are connected. [Theme, dreams, and pathology] In follow ups, the dream of the snake dying and the surfacing of the same state of manipulation with all the tension gave more surety to our prescription]

Oh God, Give me all powers
To read people’s mind,
And show them what I want,
And camouflage rest I ought
Let me be limitless
To manipulate my sins;
If it is difficult to grant,
Take away all my needs,
And let me just be a peaceful being…