A Case of Molluscum Contagiosum by Dr. Zinkal

A 4 year old girl came to me in Feb 2015 with complaints of Molluscum Contagiosum on all over face, fingers, chest, and very few on legs. She tried cauterizing it, as the only way to treat it according to modern medicine doctor. She had allergies to cold food, and colored items since birth.

She was very expressive, energetic, talkative, and restless in behavior. She had many fears and stories to tell.

She would take time to open up for first time but can go on and on once she knows you.

According to guardian, she behaves like a mature adult; very curious to know and learn what she doesn’t know, loves to do her things on her own. Jumping is her favourite activity.

Before Treatment

She had marked craving of cheese, butter, fresh juices, cold drinks, chocolates and sweets. Keeping all above key point I described a remedy.

After couple of days the Molluscum started falling, and without leaving mark from legs, fingers, back and last from face. Her allergies started reducing gradually and now she can have every colored items without hesitation. Her immunity towards recurrent allergic rhinitis has improved and lately no Mollusum since a year.

After Treatment