A Chronic Case of foot Psoriasis treated by Dr. Zinkal

A lady in her forties, came very frustrated, as she tried everything to treat her psoriatic patches but nothing really worked. she had migraine complaints too.

She nicely shared her inner realm about too much family anxiety she had. Specially related to her kids. She needed love and care from loved ones but when not received, she would argue, scream at top of her voice. She was very expressive to her anger. She was sent to maternal grand mom to stay and study in her early childhood. That grudge she still had strong in her mind that she would never forgive her parents for rejecting her. She was very protective to her children and if anything happens to children, she would make sure to take revenge, torture them and give slow death like a slow poison. She had dreams of snakes, kids kidnapped, and about many disturbing things.

On bases of that I prescribed a remedy which healed her and cleared her patches in couple of months. Her migraine attack has reduced to rare.

“Patches are gone, no itching also. Migraine  is better. Mentally very calm, not getting angry on kids, acceptance has increased a lot.I don’t keep trying to get attention from husband.I don’t prove myself anymore.”- Patient


Below are the changes we saw on her psoriatic patches.

Before Treatment
After 3 Months
After 6 Months
After 9 Months